How often Should You Change Your Sports Mouth Guard?

How often Should You Change Your Sports Mouth Guard?
The American Dental Association estimates that up to 39% of teeth lost each year are knocked-out during sport. If you’re not wearing a good quality mouth guard, you are risking serious, and costly, trauma to your teeth.

Coquitlam’s Plateau Village Dental Centre
recommends that anyone participating in high-risk sports such as hockey, football, lacrosse or boxing, be fitted for a custom-made sports mouth guard. Custom-made models offer superior protection to store bought varieties.

Custom made sports mouth guards may last up to two seasons if they are lightly used, but the majority of recent research shows that most sports mouth guards need be replaced every season. This is particularly true for children, whose teeth are continuously shifting.

Removing the mouth guard to chew on the outer surface, or wedging them into sports facemasks, are two common practices which deform sports mouth guards, making them less effective. Sunlight also has destructive properties for mouth guards.

To prolong the life of sports mouth guards:

Store your mouth guard in a solid container to protect it from the sun Do not chew on your mouth guard Wash and dry your mouth guard properly after each use Plateau Village Dental Centre offers some of the best custom-made sports mouth guards in Coquitlam, BC. Make an appointment for a fitting with one of our professionals, contact us today!