Is It Possible To Prevent a Tooth Abscess?

Is It Possible To Prevent a Tooth Abscess?

Having pus collect anywhere in the body is always an uncomfortable thing but it is far worse to have it in the mouth. Besides, the treatment for an abscess tooth usually is a tooth extraction or a root canal, which are not the most pleasant things to undergo.

Like most problems, medical or otherwise, a tooth abscess can be prevented very easily. In fact, practicing good oral hygiene will save you from tooth pain and a whole host of dental problems. An abscess in one’s tooth or gums is caused due to a bacterial infection, which results in pain as well as swelling and even fever. The biggest cause for tooth abscesses is tooth decay because this causes the holes in the enamel that permits the bacteria to enter and cause subsequent damage. Abscesses can also be caused due to gum disease. It is important to brush your teeth frequently and to floss between them often in order to prevent tooth decay. One should also rinse the mouth out after each meal in order to prevent the buildup of bacteria.

You should also get cavities treated at Plateau Village Dental Centre as soon as they appear so that there is no opportunity for an abscess to get formed. Getting cavities treated early will also mean that you do not need extensive and expensive dental work done. It will also save you a great deal of tooth pain.

Since abscesses are caused due to bacterial infection, any break in the dental enamel can cause the bacteria to enter. Any crack or break in the tooth can also cause an abscess to be formed. Therefore, you should always get chips or breaks in the tooth checked by regular visits to our Coquitlam dental practice so that appropriate action can be taken. Our professionals will place a crown on the tooth so that bacteria cannot find an entrance through the damaged part of the tooth.

It is very important to get regular dental checkups at Plateau Village Dental Centre, so that we can check for any swellings or pain in the tooth that indicates there is an infection that can turn into an abscess. You also need to get your teeth cleaned by visiting us at least twice a year so that all dental problems will be caught in their early stages.

You can save yourself the pain and expense of dealing with a tooth abscess and the possible extraction of a tooth by taking steps to prevent the abscess from forming in your mouth in the first place. Maintaining proper oral hygiene will also help save you from many health problems and not just dental problems. It is therefore advised to visit us every three months and also that you avoid consuming tobacco and other substances that can cause tooth decay very fast. Contact us today for further information!